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jueves, 10 de marzo de 2016

martes, 26 de noviembre de 2013

BHAZ10 ALIASES VOL. 1 - 1 PARTICLE, 2 PLACES (Digital Release)

1 particle, 2 places. 1 musician, 2 spaces.

There is experiments of quantum physics that place an alone sub-atomic particle in 2 different places simultaneously. Probably our brain is still not prepared to really understand this. Nevertheless this compilation use the experiment as base of its own existence.
Most of the producers, When they work on their studios to build songs, end up by experimenting with genres or sub-genres that do not "fit" with themselves or are not their official tendency.
Here we compile these works, this places where the mind of the musician does not have social or artistic limitations due to the fact that he/she has a strict public or a project that limits him/her.

Under this premise, the freedom and the experimentation, we have caught few Electro composers so they could give us their "bastards" creations.

But, the experiment doesn't end here … Any of them are allowed to use their known names or their artistic known projects. All of them had to create an alias, a never used name and they have the commitment to keep it private.

Even between their release mates, the identities aren't known.


Artist: Various - Compilation
Release Name: Aliases Vol.1 - 1 Particle, 2 Places
Style: Electro-Funk-Tech-Dark-Bass
Released in December 2013

1- Alpha Romero - Negrativo (4:14)
2- Beat The Technoheart - Cry (5:23)
3- K-Butto - Criogenia avanzada (5:12)
4- Very Metal Techno - Flipotimia (5:54)
5- Zitrik - Electrolisis (3:21)
6- R. Daneel - The Jump (5:32)
7- El Mulo - Material Quirurgico (4:12)
8- A100 - Runaway (5:18)
9- Shemsu Hor - I Am (4:26)

Reference: BHAZ10
Format: Digital Release
TotalTime: 43:32 minutes


To get it for free you only need to write to the following email:
Then you will receive a reply with the link and the password needed.
Thats all!

Anyway, feel free to support the project paying your price in Bandcamp or any other official digtal platform we are working with.

Official Beathazard Recordings page for this release

viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

Seek 2012 En Directo - Barcelona - 02 Marzo 2013 - Moog

10º aniversario de Electroclub, organización bajo la que se han promocionado fiestas de Electro en Barcelona desde su creación.

Sábado 02 de marzo, 2013.
Apertura de puertas 00:00.
Live sobre las 03:00 am.

En cabina Punto Cinco y Spy DJ
en la sala: Moog
Arc Del Teatre, 3 - Barcelona

jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

Korrupted Brothers - Space Worm (Mars Frequency)

Robert Cosmic's label, Mars Frequency, released few days ago (Fabruary 2013) a new work from Korrupted Brothers. This time for them in digital, as it's usual with Mars Frequency.

Korrupted Brothers is a band formed recently by to electro followers from Pamplona (Spain). They released for first time last year an E.P in vinyl format, as self-production and put themselves into the scene as a producers.

Before that, they use to be into the scene as organizers mainly, supporting most of the Spanish Electro artists with small parties and concerts, done in their area.

Mars Frequency is now supporting them with this small release where, the owner itself, Robert Cosmic, did a remix from one of the tracks.
We know that they are working in some new, more extensive, release for this year (probably). New blood for South Europe Electro.

miércoles, 16 de enero de 2013

The Egyptian Lover - Making Off "Egypt Egypt"

"Egypt Egypt" is not the first song made by The Egyptian Lover, that, we know, but probably was the first real hit from him. One of the songs that make the west coast electro scene explote, and starts the new style of Electro music that became something from its own after been just part of the way that music for Mcees was done during few years, since Afrika Bambaataa's Planet Rock was released in 1982.
With the support of the Redbull Music Academy, here we have an amazing 5 minutes video documentary, were the current Egyptian Lover, remembers and describes how he thought about that song back in 1984.
It is really a nice document, specially for those which produce Electro music.


Key Tracks: Egyptian Lover "Egypt, Egypt" from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo.

"Egypt, Egypt" no fue la primera canción hecha por The Egyptian Lover , eso ya lo sabemos. Pero fue probablemente su primer éxito. Fue una de las canciones que hizo que el Electro de la costa oeste explotase y se transformase en algo por si mismo, tras  haber sido simplemente el estilo con el que se hacía la música de los Mcees desde la publicación del Planet Rock de Afrika Bambaataa, en 1982.
Con el apoyo de Redbull Music Academy, aquí tenemos un documento en video de 5 minutos increíbles, dónde el Egyptian Lover actual recuerda y describe como se le ocurrió crear aquella canción en 1984.
Es un documento muy interesante, sobre todo para aquellos que producen música Electro.

domingo, 13 de enero de 2013

Kraftwerk - Radioaktivität (William Orbit Remix) 1991

Few days ago I did a DJ Session in MOOG Club in Barcelona, Pure electro.
One of the records I selected was this one, the Kraftwerk's Radioactivity remixed by this grammy multi-awared musician, William Orbit, a real freak with the electronic instruments.
One of the things that amaze me more of this version (a part of that he just put the Electro-Funk feeling to this great old song from the masters) is the date and the technics he used with the sampler, you know, this stuff with the voices like Daft Punk or later groups make very popular, changing pitches and repeating wovels. I don't really remember a single other song before 1991 that used this technic like that.
Anyway, this is a dedication to pioneers, and lucky me, I have this vinyl in my power!

Kapi (Downrocks).

Hace unos días hice una sesión de electro en la sala MOOG de Barcelona y uno de los discos que seleccioné, fue éste, el Radioactivity de Kraftwerk remezclado por el multi-premiado con grammys William Orbit, un auténtico fanático de los instrumentos electrónicos.
Una de las cosas que más me sorprenden de esta versión (a parte de que le puso el rollo Electro-Funk a este clásico de los maestros) es la fecha y la técnica que utilizó con el sampler, el rollo de "pitchear" las vocales arriba y abajo, cosa que se ha hecho muy popular desde que Daft Punk y otros grupos posteriores lo hacen. No recuerdo nadie que usase esta técnica antes de 1991, la verdad.
Bueno, aquí dejo una dedicatoria a los pioneros y suerte la mía que tengo este vinilo en mi mueble!

Kapi (Downrocks).

martes, 8 de enero de 2013

CS1 Vinyl - Contacto Sintetico Workshop Vol.1

Contacto Sintetico Workshop Vol.1 was a vinyl pressing done after some experiment drop from the Contacto Sintetico Forum begining in 2011 and ended in 2012. It was some kind of multi-artist production done in distance were some producers from Spanish Electro scene kept sending each other tracks and parts through internet, building step by step super-nice songs.
Best stuff was compiled in this very very very limited vinyl edition. Only 50 copies were for sale.
Line up was:
Proto 70
Replicante Norman
Criticon (Dark Vektor)
Split DJ
Transistor 808 (Uni-Mate)
Eleztrik Body

lunes, 7 de enero de 2013

Beathazard catalog mailing updated - 01 - 2013

Are you interested in purchase some ELECTRO records from Beathzard Recordings?
Write an email with your request here:


We will send you 2 small catalogs with everything is on stock currently.

We are carrying some other stuff from friend labels too.

Mr Velcro Fastener, dope 90's band.

This Electro band is really dope.

I own almost all the 12" they published in the 90's.
This was the first LP they release including most of the stuff already published in maxi-singles.
Still today top level productions and electro feeling.

Hope to see them again in Barcelona soon. (They play in 2008).

Enjoy this style-masters!

Facebook Mr Velcro Fastener