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(*Proper: not electro house or any techno music, is about the one that comes from Afrika Bambaataa and Kraftwerk)
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viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

Seek 2012 En Directo - Barcelona - 02 Marzo 2013 - Moog

10º aniversario de Electroclub, organización bajo la que se han promocionado fiestas de Electro en Barcelona desde su creación.

Sábado 02 de marzo, 2013.
Apertura de puertas 00:00.
Live sobre las 03:00 am.

En cabina Punto Cinco y Spy DJ
en la sala: Moog
Arc Del Teatre, 3 - Barcelona

jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013

Korrupted Brothers - Space Worm (Mars Frequency)

Robert Cosmic's label, Mars Frequency, released few days ago (Fabruary 2013) a new work from Korrupted Brothers. This time for them in digital, as it's usual with Mars Frequency.

Korrupted Brothers is a band formed recently by to electro followers from Pamplona (Spain). They released for first time last year an E.P in vinyl format, as self-production and put themselves into the scene as a producers.

Before that, they use to be into the scene as organizers mainly, supporting most of the Spanish Electro artists with small parties and concerts, done in their area.

Mars Frequency is now supporting them with this small release where, the owner itself, Robert Cosmic, did a remix from one of the tracks.
We know that they are working in some new, more extensive, release for this year (probably). New blood for South Europe Electro.