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viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

Seek 2012 Live Show in Madrid. 01/October/20122

Barcelona masterminds of Electro-Bass and Electro-Funk, Dark Vektor and Downrocks, joined forces few years ago to make this project alive.

Seek 2012 were presenting their first work, an EP called "HUNAB-KU" released by Beathazard Recordings in February 2011 with a nice limited vinyl edition:

They did their first live show ever in Madrid. 50 minutes on the stage at the "Madrid My Beat" party organized by B.A.S. collective.
Place: Specka (Madrid)
Date: 01/October/2011

Complex rhythm sequences with a nice collection of vocoders, analog bass and lot of human-hand played stuff on the stage (no laptops allowed).


- Intro
- Thumper
- Cuerpo Celeste
- Veritat
- Hunab-Ku
- Soy Tuluum
- This Is A Future That Already Happened
- 2012

sábado, 15 de octubre de 2011


(Text from September 2010)
Beathazard Recordings is bringing back the beat, the laser and the bass. After 2 years from the last official release, Downrocks is back. Electro head from the Mediterranean Spanish city, Basscelona, comes again with a 6 track Extended Play concept called Mecanismos. Upgraded hardcore electro beats with the most pure oldschool vocoder-synth-funk flavor. They have been 2 years of bits and pieces in the shape of collaborations, appearances in compilations and remixes (Dark Vektor, Sace 2, Elektro Domésticos ...) and especially helping to push the unstoppable train of this increasingly powerful and prolific electro scene of Spain. But finally a new reference for the collectors is here.

"Pretoria" opens the work with a load of electro-funk, usual in this composer but where already updates and adjustments are perceived in beats and structure. Then comes "Fastofoides", honoring to, and probably the second part of, the track appeared in that already mythical first Spanish compilation published in 1998, Elektro Domésticos. And the electro-funk trio concludes with a cut with the synth-funk style that groups as Midnight Star were bringing us in 80. The voice is from Renko, singer of the underground Barcelona soul scene and good real b-boy.

The second part of this work is coming with a powerful machinery of noises and sonorous mechanisms, where already you can tell in the mix that it is changing something into the electro scene. “Mech City”, "Micro Stones" and "E.M. Waves" closes the disc in the same line and always honouring to the science fiction, image by excellence to which this music adds the soundtrack. Downrocks offers then, one more piece of the stairs for which the Spanish electro is going up.
Kapi , maker and mechanic of this work, constructs with the funk, the hip hop, the breakbeats and the electronic instruments a piece that we must call ELECTRO in capital letters and suitable for poppers, lockers, b-girls, b-boys and listeners that don’t care too much about their necks and to put in danger the woofers of their speakers.

Finally, and just after the edition of the Downrocks's first album (Intron, BHAZ09 - 2011), Beathazard Recordings get back this work and press it in a limited edition on vinyl, continuing the saga " WILD STYLE SERIES ", initiated this same year with the Seek 2012’s first work, (Graffiti and colored vinyl) and adding a seventh track, a remix from a promising group of this new international Electro-Funk scene, the Greeks Invisible Rockers Crew.

Artist: Downrocks
Release Name: Mecanismos
Genre: Electro
Style: Electro-Funk-Tech-Dark-Breakbeats
TotalTime: 33:14
Label: Beathazard Recordings
Reference: BHAZ06
Release Date: 17/October/2011


A1· Mech City [5:27]
A2· Pretoria [5:03]
A3· E.M. Waves [5:41]
B1· Fastofoides [4:37]
B2· Pop And Locking Freestyle Mix [4:08] (Featuring Renko)
B3· Pretoria (Acrópolis Mix) [3:13]
Remixed By Invisible Rockers Crew
B4· Microstones [5:05]

Listen the TEASER

Available from 17th October 2011 at:
Beathazard Shop.

From the Beathazard Recordings "WILD STYLE SERIES" Hand numbered, stickered bag, colored 160 gr. vinyl & nice designed.

Digital downloable formats here: