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viernes, 4 de enero de 2013

Contacto Sintético Radio is OVER

Last program of this great 3 years old radio show is now over.
DJ Awco decide to leave this project now that we have in Spain about 5 other radio programs, to put energy in new things.

Watch live streaming video from contactosintetico at

Important to say that when this began 1rs January 2010 it was the one an only electro radio show in spanish and did help to promote the local scene like anything else. Also mention that this program was back up with the forum Contacto Sintético and this one will remain active and continue working fully.

Sad moment for all of us but hopping to see what's next!

1 comentario:

lara dijo...

it´s a real shame, the rest of radio programs are not the same as Contacto Sintetico radio show.

It is a real loss. But I wish Awco all the best because he derserve it, because he is the one that brought to us the love for electro music, the one that gathered us all, the one that showed that music is a collective art based on support, effort and help, the one that showed that we are a family.